Welcome Southwest Airlines, More Accessibility and Lower Prices To Belize!



This week Southwest Airlines’ tickets from Houston’s Hobby Airport directly to Belize City went on sale….and we couldn’t be more excited.  Flights start daily October 15th.  And prices, so far, seem amazing for this delightfully short flight.

southwest to belize

Southwest Airlines’ flights out of Houston’s Hobby Airport


2.5 hours and you are at BZE (Belize International Airport).  And then you can visit us here…

grand caribe 2

The view from one of our pools



And a bit of snorkeling off our dock


But first…here are the quick facts for those who aren’t too familiar with Southwest – one of the largest carriers in the United States.

  • They are loved by customers and rank at or near the top of every airline customer service industry survey
  • Southwest has been profitable in every year of their existence in a industry riddled with bankruptcies, losses and mergers – they know what they are doing
  • They are now investing in Belize – showing commitment to our country as a growing tourist destination
  • Tickets are ONLY available on their website Southwest.com
  • You can check two bags for free.  TWO FREE BAGS!
  • There are no fees for changing your tickets (only the price differences).
  • Oh…and they have a sense of humor.



Pretzels?  Thanks!  We like you too.  Free first drinks on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween?  That we also love.  Here’s their second quarter Holiday list from the current menu:


And here is our very favorite part – their introductory prices to Belize are the lowest we’ve seen in years!

One way prices as low as $127 (including tax) from Houston to Belize – you can book, currently, between October 15, 2015 and January 16, 2016.


Southwest the Magazine is already promoting Belize – in this month’s May issue…they are excited too.


We can’t wait.  149 days until our first plane of passengers arrives via Southwest.  Some return visitors – maybe returning more often with the lower fares – and first time visitors to Belize.

We our excited to show you our country.

In October, November and December, here is a quick look at what you can expect that time of year.


Beautiful sunrise and lots of visiting winter birds.

Boat Parade 021

San Pedro’s Lighted Boat Parade – the First Weekend in December



Flying over a popular snorkel site off Ambergris Caye


One of the MANY Halloween parties in San Pedro

Belize is literally covered in Maya sites - this is the beautiful Lamanai

Belize is literally covered in Maya sites – this is the beautiful Lamanai, a popular day trip from Ambergris Caye


Welcome Southwest Airlines!  We couldn’t be happier.

And we at Grand Caribe have our best rates of the year during most of this “summer season” – for all information, check them out here.

Here is a reminder of all the direct International flights that are currently flying into Belize from the US.

  • American Airline –  Miami
  • American Airlines – Dallas
  • Delta –  Atlanta
  • Delta – Los Angeles
  • United – Houston
  • United –  Newark
  • United – Chicago
  • US Airways –  Charlotte, NC
  • Southwest Airlines – Starting October 15th from Houston Hobby

See you soon.  And as the attendants always say at the end of your flight: We know you have many choices when you travel to Belize, we thank you for choosing Grand Caribe. 🙂

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