Together Weather for Valentine’s Day at Grand Caribe


Seems like mother nature knows what date today is. The weather today definetly asks for people to cozy up. Not sure if your tropical island vacation calls for cool days or think you need a fire place?

Well what about a view of the Caribbean Sea instead? Cozy up on one of our double beach lounge chairs, grab a few beach towels, a couple coffees from the bar and cozy up while watching the boats pass by.

Or jump in the hot tub? Don’t feel like stepping outside? Then have a warm bath inside your unit!

Weather like this forces you to really slow down, stay in and relax…that’s what vacations are meant for. Sometimes on vacation we find ourselves booking so many tours and keeping so busy that when you get home you have to take a few days off just to recover from all the adventures of the vacation.

Why not relax during the day and then have a nice romantic dinner!

We’re happy to help with reservations or have our pool bar and grill or a private chef cook up your special dinner and let us help you set up something nice wherever you please!

Or need Champagne for your room, let us help you….we’re happy to get anything you may need.

The staff is always happy to help, romantics at heart, we will try to make any dream situation come true. Judy the concierge and ultimate romantic will make it her priority to make your ideas reality.

This applies for any special day…not only Valentines! But also for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Honeymoons…any special holiday you wish to celebrate….if it happens to be St. Patrick’s day we’ll get you some green beer.

And if your going solo today…not to worry!!! We can always set up a tour or let you know where the latest adventure is at.

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Enchanted Valentine’s walkway

romantic valentine's dinner at grand caribe belize

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner