Ambergris Caye Condos: An Interview With Grand Caribe Condo Owners


Mr and Mrs Mike and Myra Rio have, after years of travel, found there home away from home. Retirees from Texas, USA they were one of the first to purchase and move to Grand Caribe. As experienced travelers, they have been coming to Belize for five years and have been at Grand Caribe for three and spend approximately 4-6months in Ambergris Caye.

They agreed to sit with me for a short interview about why they chose Grand Caribe and Belize, and what they love about it.

When asked “Why Belize?” both Mr and Mrs. Rio immediately had answers, they showed confidence and security in their decision. They claimed that the decision was two-fold. Primarily, Belize as a country is (for a 3rd world country) very stable and corruption is less than in neighboring Mexico, and both Central America and Caribbean countries; making it a secure investment. And the property value is (in their opinion) the best in the Caribbean. Secondly the culture of Belize is open and inviting, they felt that “people want you to be here.” They felt safe and welcomed in San Pedro where they felt comfortable within the community.

Grand Caribe resort picture

Grand Caribe from Eli

Once they had decided what country and town they wanted to retire in, they decided that Grand Caribe was to be their home. As mentioned before, as one of the founding owners their love grows as time passes. Initially the balcony views, open and spacious condos, three pools, pier, grounds and bar/grill sold them (the amenities). And as time passes the community of fun and adventurous home owners keep them content with their decision.

own in belize

Mike Rio and friends

Picture of Mike Rio, Deryl Elmore, Doug Hitchens and Lyn Felker.

With that in mind, I had to ask what the greatest appeal of Grand Caribe is for them. And the list was long, and detailed

– Never feel overcrowded.
– Easy place to live.
– Love housekeeping, you leave and come back to everything beautifully cleaned and set up.
– Just call front desk and problem solved.
– The weather in Belize is just great.
– You have privacy when you want and a crowd when you want.
– Right location, quiet being in North Ambergris Caye, with easy accessibility to town.
– Security! because HOA members personally know the developers and Grand Caribe is run by the HOA not a corporation so its not going to go under; safe investment.

I left their beautifully decorated condo feeling proud to be promoting a location which is loved by those who live here. Grand Caribe is fun, comfortable, and picturesque and the owners are very proud to call it their island home.