Cowboy’s pool bar and grill: New specials Nov 25th -Dec 5th


Christmas in Belize is always a fun time especially for foodies. This year Cowboy’s pool bar and grill at Grand Caribe Resort is serving up a delicious menu.

pool bar and grill

Cooking up some good food at Cowboy’s Pool bar and Grill

Specials November 25th to December 5th

November 25th
Lunch Roast turkey and ham, gream potato or rice, pumpkin, sweet potato, green beans stuffing and cranberry sauce $55.00
Dinner same as lunch

November 26th
Lunch black bean coen salad with blackened shrimp $30.00
Dinner roast leg of lamb served with mint sauce, garlic herb potato and steam vegetables $60.00

November  27th
Lunch lamb burger served with creamy pasta salad $30.00
Dinner pork ribs served with grilled sweet potato and corn on the cob $48.00

November 28th
Lunch rice and beans stewed chicken, potato salad and fried plantains $22.00
Dinner same as lunch

November 29th
Lunch tuna melt served with fries and coleslaw $28.00
Dinner Caribbean snapper served with Belikin rice and steam veg $42.00

November 30th
Lunch chicken kebab served with coleslaw $25.00
Dinner grilled herbed pork chops served with roasted potato and steam vegetables  $42.00

December 1st
Lunch conch chowder served with rice $30.00
Dinner beef stroganoff served with rosemary potato and steam veg  $55.00

December 2nd
Lunch creole shrimp with coconut rice $30.00
Dinner chicken Florentine with curry pecan rice and steam veg $35.00

December 3rd
Lunch stir-fry beef with coconut rice $30.00
Dinner stuffed grouper with 4 cheeses served with vegetable rice and green salad $35.00

December 4th
Lunch coconut shrimp with rise or fries and coleslaw  $30.00
Dinner seafood Alfredo with garlic bread $60.00

December 5th
Lunch coconut shrimp with rise or fries and coleslaw  $30.00
Dinner same as lunch

please note pricing is in Belize dollars