Holiday Season! From Glistening snow to Glistening sand!


Hi all!!!

The Holiday Season is descending upon us!! Halloween is behind us, Canada has had its Thanksgiving, and the American Thanksgiving is only days away; not to mention Hockey games are in full swing!!!AND all the big stores and even the little ones have started to put up their Christmas delights on display!

So hurry and book your winter getaway! Because before you know it, its gonna be chilly, those toes will want some freedom and whats better than digging your toes in the sand and rinsing them off in the warm Caribbean Sea!!

Or how about a holiday getaway!! Or take a break from the white, or almost white winter, and try out some sun and sea this year! Or perhaps again!! Grand Caribe still has rooms available, especially for New Years!! So don’t pack away all your summer clothes or go dig them back up again and get ready to visit Belize! Never got to wear those new fall sale shorts or that dress come show them off in the warmth of Ambergris Caye!

Its a bustling time of year down here and you can feel free to be totally immersed in the festivities.As locals like little elves busy themselves preparing for the big days, with home and work repairs, cooking up a few storms and having plenty of fun doing all of it. Just imagine Christmas lights on coconut trees, restaurants and bars and just about every house and business in town! Great food and drinks are plentiful all year round, but Christmas time is especially wonderful, the aroma of fresh baked goods in the air mixed with the salt breeze is even more enticing than coconut suntan lotion in the salt air! The kids are out of school and all excited with Santa Claus and the New Year! San Pedro is just absolutely lively with both local Belizeans coming from all the corners of Belize and new and returning tourist, eager to celebrate!So come and see what the fuss is all about!

Leave the glistening snow and come and enjoy some glistening sand, sea and pool!!! Have a look at Grand Caribe Belize website and let us know how we can make your Holiday and/or Winter getaway just that much more special!

san pedro town

Christmas tree in Central Park downtown San Pedro

belize beach pictures

We traded snow for sand at Grand Caribe Resort