Happy Birthday Yanira


Special events frequently occur at Grand Caribe Resort, especially in the high season, that work our celebrating skills.But when its a little slower its hard to keep these skills refined so we make sure we keep our celebrating skills in shape all year round. So for every special occasion we stretch those limbs and get to work, last week we had an impromptu planned one day ahead middle of the afternoon in between check ins and check outs birthday surprise for Yanira, our front desk personnel! It was a success, I think the pictures speak for themselves, she was totally caught by surprise and elated!!! We made sure to tell her happy birthday all day long, so she thought nothing special was going to happen and then pop comes cake, soft drinks, cheese dip with chips, and all the office staff and a few guests singing happy birthday!

We kept on getting delayed and having to hide the cake due to resort obligations so our candle was a little stub by the time it got to Yanira!! But the moments of happiness and joy are found in the small details of life, and we hope we made her a few happy and joyful memories with the little details we thought to do for her on her special day.

celebrations in belize

Yanira’s birthday cake

belize celebrations at grand caribe resort

Surprising Yanira for her birthday

celebrations in belize




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