3 Reasons Grand Caribe is Your Top Belize Luxury Beach Resort

Belize Luxury Resort

Belize is home to numerous hotels and resorts around the country, choosing the best location and accommodation for your Belize vacation can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on what your expectations are it can easily be narrowed down. If you are looking for a luxury beach resort, then here is why Grand Caribe Belize should […]

The Essentrics Movement at Grand Caribe Belize!!

Eccentrics at Grand Caribe

Resident owner at Grand Caribe Belize, Sheryl Hitchens, introduced us to the concept of Essentrics. She had been talking about it for a while and kept inviting us to experience it. Being that it’s now offered here at Grand Caribe I was excited to see exactly what it entailed. But, before immersing myself into anything, […]

The love that Endures!!!

Wedding Vow Renewal at Grand Caribe

It is human nature to search for happiness! In fact, most people spend their entire lives searching for the one thing, person, place or situation that makes them most happy. For a lot this yearning is never quenched. This was NOT the case for two of our guests that recently offered us the honor of […]