A little on the history on Mexico Rocks

Many vacationers book their tours without knowing much of the story behind the amazing places they are planning to see. Today we decided to give you a little on the history on a popular snorkeling spot. Mexico Rocks got its name in the 19th century. In 1845 during the Caste War, many Mexicans migrated to […]

GoPro Camera Rentals Available at Grand Caribe

GoPro is a leading brand of versatile digital cameras mainly used in adventure/extreme sports photography and video capturing. Produced by Woodman Labs, GoPro has been around for almost a decade and is the brand of choice for most action-sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers because they are so rugged, light weight, and wearable or mountable in […]

Belize beaches

It is often said on Belize forums and Trip Advisor that Belize beaches are not the best compared to some places and that Belize is not really considered a beach destination. We have to disagree and say the best beaches in Belize are on Ambergris Caye. The sand is soft and white paired with clear blue-green […]

Getting Married in Belize

At Grand Caribe Resort We will make your wedding dreams a reality. We have everything you need to plan your dream wedding From an intimate beach for two, to a full celebrity-style event. Our team of friendly and experienced staff will coordinate with you before you arrive, right through until you return home with great memories of your perfect wedding in Belize.


A Belize vacation for everyone

My daughter and I in the pool at Grand Caribe At 2yrs, my daughter learnt to swim in their great kid friendly pool! Grand Caribe has the uncanny ability to be an “everything in one” resort that provides the perfect setting for any type of vacation.


A person can come and disconnect him or herself from the world. Many times winter or work can become overwhelming and Belize is the answer. Peaceful and relaxed all our vacationers have a great time.


Families (some what forced in the case of many teenagers) get closer. Moms and Dads can connect with their kids because they are all disconnected, no constant texting, phone calls or tweeting. With plenty of teenage friendly activities, parents and their teens share experiences and have fun together. Jet skiing, para sailing, snorkeling, family tours and much more are great opportunities for bonding.


Now let me make something clear,just because teenagers and kids enjoy it here and the activities involved that doesn’t mean that a couple can’t have a great time. The fact of the matter is that everyone enjoys these activities.