Belize beaches

It is often said on Belize forums and Trip Advisor that Belize beaches are not the best compared to some places and that Belize is not really considered a beach destination. We have to disagree and say the best beaches in Belize are on Ambergris Caye. The sand is soft and white paired with clear blue-green […]

Belize is nature and nature is Belize.


Conch Shells found on the beach! Grand Caribe has so much to offer its guest and as this blog continues, the uniqueness of the resort as well as of Ambergris Caye and Belize itself will be discovered.

Pelicans flying over Grand Caribe The last blog spoke of the culture of Belize, the people that inhabit this small yet culturally diverse country. And now we discover another important element of Belize, the other inhabitants which are just as diverse and laid-back. The wildlife and marine life is abundant here and make life both more exciting and more beautiful. According to the Belize Audubon Society there are as many as 587(types) birds in Belize. Many of which can be seen from Grand Caribe.

Belize’s national animal and bird are rare and intriguing animals; the tapir and the toucan. Yet they are not the only rarities, for there are jaguars, the scarlet macaws, howler monkeys and the crocodiles to name a few of our larger more visible land loving neighbors. We also have the Barrier Reef which houses our beautiful and wondrous water loving friends, dolphins (which seem to love accompanying boats), manatees, sea turtles, sting rays, sharks and an array of fish, shellfish and invertebrates make Belize there home.

These animals are sprinkled everywhere, Belize is nature and nature is Belize; we Belizeans simply live amongst it. Our guests do the same as they stay in their island home, where nature surrounds them in the sky, in the sea and on the land.


Holiday Season! From Glistening snow to Glistening sand!

Hi all!!!

The Holiday Season is descending upon us!! Halloween is behind us, Canada has had its Thanksgiving, and the American Thanksgiving is only days away; not to mention Hockey games are in full swing!!!AND all the big stores and even the little ones have started to put up their Christmas delights on display!

So hurry and book your winter getaway! Because before you know it, its gonna be chilly, those toes will want some freedom and whats better than digging your toes in the sand and rinsing them off in the warm Caribbean Sea!!

Or how about a holiday getaway!! Or take a break from the white, or almost white winter, and try out some sun and sea this year! Or perhaps again!! Grand Caribe still has rooms available, especially for New Years!! So don’t pack away all your summer clothes or go dig them back up again and get ready to come to Belize! Never got to wear those new fall sale shorts or that dress come show them off in the warmth of Ambergris Caye!