Facebook photo contest winner

After spending 6 glorious months in Belize, it was a ‘no brainer’ to enter Grand Caribe Resort Facebook photo contest and be hopeful about winning. As I browsed my photos to decide which one to submit, the memories of my time on Ambergris Caye with my beloved JessieFaye flooded my soul! The contest came at […]

Living the dream at Grand Caribe

Today’s guest blog post came about after we found an article about The Best Foreign Retirement Havens and retiring in Belize. We asked one of our residents and our favorite Belize Real Estate people at the Pelican Team to share his interesting journey about moving to Belize and eventually buying a condo at Grand Caribe. I […]

Karen Waldrup plays the pool bar and grill

This Sunday we hosted a special event, popular Memphis singer Karen Waldrup  played on top of the pool bar and grill to raise money for Mama Vilma’s Family Home. Karen was a big hit, our guests and local islanders enjoyed hearing her play from their lounge chairs and the pool. It was a beautiful day […]

Belize beaches

It is often said on Belize forums and Trip Advisor that Belize beaches are not the best compared to some places and that Belize is not really considered a beach destination. We have to disagree and say the best beaches in Belize are on Ambergris Caye. The sand is soft and white paired with clear blue-green […]

Together Weather for Valentine’s Day at Grand Caribe

Seems like mother nature knows what date today is. The weather today definetly asks for people to cozy up. Not sure if your tropical island vacation calls for cool days or think you need a fire place?

Well what about a view of the Caribbean Sea instead? Cozy up on one of our double beach lounge chairs, grab a few beach towels, a couple coffees from the bar and cozy up while watching the boats pass by.

Or jump in the hot tub? Don’t feel like stepping outside? Then have a warm bath inside your unit!

Weather like this forces you to really slow down, stay in and relax…thats what vacations are meant for. Sometimes on vacation we find ourselves booking so many tours and keeping so busy that when you get home you have to take a few days off just to recover from all the adventures of the vacation.

Why not relax during the day and then have a nice romantic dinner!

We’re happy to help with reservations or have Footprints cook up your special dinner and let us help you set up something nice wherever you please!

Or need Champagne for your room, let us help you….we’re happy to get anything you may need.

The staff is always happy to help, romantics at heart, we will try to make any dream situation come true. Judy the concierge and ultimate romantic will make it her priority to make your ideas reality.

This applies for any special day…not only Valentines! But also for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Honeymoons…any special holiday you wish to celebrate….if it happens to be St. Patrick’s day we’ll get you some green beer.

And if your going solo today…not to worry!!! We can always set up a tour or let you know where the latest adventure is at.

An interview with condo owners of Grand Caribe

Mr and Mrs Mike and Myra Rio have, after years of travel, found there home away from home. Retirees from Texas, USA they were one of the first to purchase and move to Grand Caribe. As experienced travellers, they have been coming to Belize for five years and have been at Grand Caribe for three and spend approximately 4-6months in Ambergris Caye.

They agreed to sit with me for a short interview about why they chose Grand Caribe and Belize, and what they love about it.

When asked “Why Belize?” both Mr and Mrs. Rio immediately had answers, they showed confidence and security in their decision. They claimed that the decision was two-fold. Primarily, Belize as a country is (for a 3rd world country) very stable and corruption is less than in neighbouring Mexico, and both Central America and Caribbean countries; making it a secure investment. And the property value is (in their opinion) the best in the Caribbean. Secondly the culture of Belize is open and inviting, they felt that “people want you to be here.” They felt safe and welcomed in San Pedro where they felt comfortable within the community.

Grand Caribe Belize Reviews

These are the two most recent reviews from TripAdvisor:

The Best Birthday Celebration Destination

I selected Grand Caribe from a list of resorts on Ambergris Caye off of the Internet. I liked the look of it from the pictures, but that isn’t always a true representation. In this case it is 100% accurate, and we could not have been more pleased with our experience. Both my boyfriend and I agree that the Grand Caribe was the best resort we saw on the island (and we looked at others while we were there to make a comparison and judgment for subsequent visit options), in terms of location (easy beach walk, bike ride and/or jog into town), and amenities (Poolside Bar and Grill, On Site Concierge/Activity Coordinator, 24 hour security staff, and daily housekeeping). Although an exercise room would have been nice, we made do with daily runs on the dirt/sand road that runs North and South, which provided some interesting scenery. The entire staff at Grand Caribe was friendly and very accommodating. Eli set us up on two wonderful excursions, one for a half day private sailboat/snorkeling charter, and the other for a mainland Mayan Ruins full day tour. The entire trip was one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve ever had, and we left the island feeling more satisfied with our experience than we had even remotely anticipated. We came home raving about it with lots of photos, and our friends are now eager to arrange their own trips to Grand Caribe.