Living the dream at Grand Caribe

Today’s guest blog post came about after we found an article about The Best Foreign Retirement Havens and retiring in Belize. We asked one of our residents and our favorite Belize Real Estate people at the Pelican Team to share his interesting journey about moving to Belize and eventually buying a condo at Grand Caribe. I […]

Every return visit will be a better experience at Grand Caribe

Our beautiful sign went up Dec 2010

Grand Caribe’s aim is to constantly provide its new guests and returning guests with a great and better experience. If you’ve already been to Grand Caribe and thought your visit was great; just wait for your second visit! Only in its first year, we’ve had many returning guests and our first priority is to be better than the last visit. Excellence is not about being stagnant its about constant improvement and aiming for a better experience every time a guest walks through the lobby doors. This policy not only applies for our guests but to our owners as well. We want our owners to be excited every time they return.

Holiday Season! From Glistening snow to Glistening sand!

Hi all!!!

The Holiday Season is descending upon us!! Halloween is behind us, Canada has had its Thanksgiving, and the American Thanksgiving is only days away; not to mention Hockey games are in full swing!!!AND all the big stores and even the little ones have started to put up their Christmas delights on display!

So hurry and book your winter getaway! Because before you know it, its gonna be chilly, those toes will want some freedom and whats better than digging your toes in the sand and rinsing them off in the warm Caribbean Sea!!

Or how about a holiday getaway!! Or take a break from the white, or almost white winter, and try out some sun and sea this year! Or perhaps again!! Grand Caribe still has rooms available, especially for New Years!! So don’t pack away all your summer clothes or go dig them back up again and get ready to come to Belize! Never got to wear those new fall sale shorts or that dress come show them off in the warmth of Ambergris Caye!